Friday, 11 February 2011

HP day

It's always interesting to watch how huge giants, used to playing on b2b markets, learn to make good consumer products. Step by step they make way from functional brick to fancy item. For example HP, following its "Computer is Personal again" campaign, is pushing to portable electronics market and makes PCs more and more suer friendly.


HP recently announced a whole lineup of Palm Web OS devices, including this sexy tablet. Touchpad 

  • runs special tablet Web OS 3, 
  • has 9,7 inch 1024x768 touch screen, 
  • GPS (won't be included in cheapest WiFi only models), 
  • position (accelerometer, gyroscope), light and proximity sensors, 
  • ability to charge and share data wirelessly with just getting close
  • and whole bunch of specs and interfaces common for modern tablet device. 

Screen and operating system make me fall in love with this guy. 

I'm loyal user of Palm OS thanks to it targeting nerdy users. Still have my Sony Clie, still love it but it lacks wireless connection badly. Wonder if this new tablet will deliver same simplicity, logic and blazing speed as "antique" sony+palm masterpiece did. Screen aspect ratio is what I used to dream of since tablets appeared. Still using 4x3 monitor for desktop and not gonna give it up for wide (read smaller) one. If need pick a tablet, I'll consider this one. One more "if": if HP brings it to my country, they keep skipping it with many cool devices.

Another freshly announced device - slider phone Pre3. 

A bit history. It's descendant of 2 previous models, 1st of which failed completely due to performance issues, while second generation brought out everything good and repaired drawbacks. Pre2 was made after Palm acquisition by HP. This is only modern phone on Web OS available worldwide as unlocked GSM. Third attempt mimics old design, though grew in size and performance. Boasts new business friendly Web OS version and sliding keyboard that's too small for most men's hands.

I never saw either of Pre's for real so can't judge them. My perception is that phone's too small and has too small buttons, thus useless for many people keyboard. I wish they made other shaped gadget on same awesome operating system and offered unlocked with nice price.

Last gadget for today is a whole personal computer. HP's new reclining TouchSmart desktop. 610 model is what I seam to be dreaming for years. It boasts:
23 inch touch screen (I can't figure out if that's capacitive or Wacom, beg for latter);
fancy BeatsAudio speakers that are supposed to indulge your ears;
variety of AMD Quad-Core processors, 4 to 10 GB DDR3 RAM;
integrated Radeon HD or descrete one with 1 Gb memory on board;
500 Gb to 2 Tb speedy harddrives;
WiFi and optional Bluetooth, card-readers;
Windows Home Premium comes with device, spiced with cute and seemingly functional touch suite. Wish they wrote a good Linux instead.

Though HP insists on swinging PC be universal, it's more for creative home users. Such as artists, bloggers/vloggers, sketchbooking mamas and other nerds. 

HP delivered many dreams to me this time :D Touch screen dreams. 9.7 and 23 to be precise.

For info on Palm devices check out promo site ,
head on to overview page for TouchSmart and HP's USA shop if you're interested in exact specs and all options.

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