Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Google Art project: why my granny asked to teach her computer.

Google made many interesting projects. I just loved some of them, like blogger (R.I.P. Waves) but nothing can compare to this one. Google Art Project actually moved an 80 year old lady. She will be learning to use computer. Now that's an achievement.
Service is based on Street View technology and lets users wander around some most famous art museums of the world. Add super zoom on top of that and your perfect free excursion is delivered.

Art Project has simple and clean interface. Paintings take most of the screen and are surrounded by menus:

  • museum variety in top left corner
  • particular piece of art selection beside it to the right
  • account settings and instructions on top right
  • information menu is called with "i" button next to visitor's guide
  • collection creation pane on bottom

I gathered my favorite paintings from Moscow Tretyakov Art Gallery for you. Please, take your time and watch this collection. Even if you don't like fine arts. Reading descriptions is optional but recommended.

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