Monday, 7 March 2011

How to make Google Chrome work faster?

Those who use Chrome browser often chose it for speed. It does work faster than competitors but there is way to boost productivity even more. Way to do lies in the very approach to browser architecture. All of them, including current stable version of Chrome (10th to the moment of post creation), use CPU for all calculations. Guys at Google dared to return GPU its original purpose - graphics calculations. Ordinary users can already benefit from this initiative. Read further to know how.

First of all check what version of Chrome is running. To do so click wrench in upper left corner and select "About Google Chrome" in drop down menu. Version should be 9+.

Spreading load between CPU and GPU will need activation of experimental features. To access related control panel type "about:flags" in address bar and hit enter. Among all those fancy (and scary) positions listed we're interested in two:
  1. GPU Accelerated Composing,
  2. GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D.
Enable them both. Or, at least, first one to significantly increase performance on multimedia pages, HTML5. Then scroll down and click "Restart Now" to apply changes. Try some high load page to give your refurbished browser a test.
Watch this video tutorial, will take under a minute of your precious time. Very important step for those feeling insecure with computers. Relax, do this little tinkering and make your life on the net easier.

  • these features are yet experimental and might fail. They didn't in my testing perion though;
  • most performance boost will be seen for video streaming (like YouTube) and HTML5 applications;
  • Having those running in background while playing 3d game may SLOW your PC so turn those off or shut browser down while serious gaming.
P.S.: You can download Chrome browser from Google. For now it's best options for personal usage.
P.P.S: Please leave feedback, it's very important for me.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

How to get Facebook email?

Facebook, as it seams, decided to rival Google and Microsoft as most popular emailing services. They announced own messaging project back in November of 2010. It was a blast around gadget and internet blogs back than. Nevertheless few mentioned that ordinary users can actually get Facebook email address and messenger. Now, I mean it. Read further.