Friday, 1 July 2011

Gmail new design

Did you like that new Google Calendar that was recently released? Or maybe, you missed that out but still want some novelty in design? Look no further. Here is instruction how to get new, revamped and stylish design for your gMail web client.
Head on to settings. It's on the top right corner of page, if you didn't know. All images in this post are clickable to see bigger.

When in settings folder, pick "Themes" tab on top (it's on the right) and scroll all the way down till you see "Preview (dense)" and "Preview" icons. Pick one of them.

Difference between options is in gap between folders only. If you have roomy screen or eyesight problem, pick "Preview". Otherwise dense version is your choice. It requires less scrolling within mailbox.

I can't yet decide if I like old or new one better. At least this one gives less strain on eyes so I will definitely set it for my elder family members and acquaintances. If this stuff looks to you as if made at Apple, you might be right. There are some former Apple designers working for Google.

And, yes, I do have plenty unread mail (>_<) lazy me. I hope this tiny tutorial will be useful for you. Do you like new design? Tell me in comments here or at Facebook page (link to the right). 
By the way, did you notice tab on the right that other gmail users don't have? It's Xobni - social plug in I enlisted for testing and will review for you next month. You can get account and plugin at

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