Thursday, 14 April 2011

How to get illusion of well-toned body in 2 days

Summer is approaching and so do open clothes. If you're comfortable with dieting but hardly able to do resistance training, you're still free to feature well toned body with visible muscles. Use some self tanner to draw shadows that otherwise would be dropped by muscles. Method is suitable for GUYs too. Though demonstrated by a lean lady.

Check for video and tips after the break

There are some essential tips to follow if you pick this method:
1. to eliminate orange effect of self tanner do VERY thorough exfoliating. If you don't own and don't wanna buy scrub, make own of some olive oil and dense grained salt. Also be perfectly dry when applying;
2. guys would need 2 shades darker self tanner and help of a friend to do back. Flex your tissues to see where to apply;
3. instead of tanner you can use pigmented body lotion that lasts one-two days;
4. do not ever forget to apply self tanner on neck and EARS. I keeps seeing plenty deep brown people with blue-white ears;
5. Don't apply tanner on knees, elbows and ankle bones at all. Skip space between toes and fingers and insides of wrists for more natural appearance or cover them up for model-like result;
6. Same method suits FAT and CHUBBY but not for muscle illusion. Those can make thighs and tummy appear smaller by putting a lil bit dark tanner on most voluminous spots. Also works well for ladies to darken sides of your body for thinner looking waist.

Still working out is better for health.

p.s.: drawing like this would save your beach photographs. Most editing software will do well. Just take darkening tool of your choice and draw on shadows in desired places. Tell in comments of via "contact" button if you want a Photoshop tutorial.

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